Wildlife: Sage grouse dictate looks to Wyoming

On Tuesday, Governor Steve Bullock issued a highly awaited executive order on how the state would deal with sage grouse as well as conserve their habitat, a plan supporters expect that it would stave off listing under federal Endangered Species Act as well as the land use restrictions which could bring.

On Tuesday, in a press conference, Bullock told that this was not an easy process a no one walked away with everything they looked for. But these folks and the people they represent recognize the important role of keeping management in state hands.

These folks included Bullock's Sage Grouse Advisory Council members, including representatives of agriculture and petroleum industries, conservation groups and landowners who held several meetings on the matter in previous year.

The program appears to Wyoming's experience as an instance; petroleum interests had backed that approach, noting, for instance, that it lets certain development within 0.6 miles of grouse nesting places known as leks. An earlier proposal in Montana asked for larger buffers of 1 mile.

Montana Petroleum Associations executive director Dave Galt told that the Wyoming plan works, and it has federal approval, it would have impact on private land, but it would allow people to do their job and it is much better than having federal government tell them how to work on their land.