Carnival rides and beach activity

Two of the best known waterfront in the New York neighbourhoods got a beating previous fall from the Superstorm Sandy: Coney Island, which is in Brooklyn as well as the Rockaways, which is in Queens. But people are now back on both these beaches and relishing local attractions - starting from rides to hot dogs at the Coney Island, to a funky taco stand or surfing.

The city's deputy mayor for economic development Robert K. Steel told that they took a punch in the stomach, there was no question, but they were back strong. The city spent around US$ 270 million to restart its beaches as they are really an important part of the New York experience both out-of-towners as well as local people.

New York has 8 public beaches with twenty two kilo metres of coastline, but the Rockaways and Coney Island, while very different, are 2 of the top known beaches mainly among tourists. Steel added that at Coney Island people have got the the boardwalk, amusement park, the historic locations. He added that this is an organized experience which leaves people buzzing. Compared to this, Rockaway is a good place to chill out, along with a mix of longtime residents, beachgoers, surfers as well as trendy 20-somethings making a laidback scene which has been dubbed hipster Hamptons.