Wildlife: Sage grouse dictate looks to Wyoming

On Tuesday, Governor Steve Bullock issued a highly awaited executive order on how the state would deal with sage grouse as well as conserve their habitat, a plan supporters expect that it would stave off listing under federal Endangered Species Act as well as the land use restrictions which could bring.

On Tuesday, in a press conference, Bullock told that this was not an easy process a no one walked away with everything they looked for. But these folks and the people they represent recognize the important role of keeping management in state hands.

Massive emergency preparation practice in New York

The New York City Department of Health carried out a huge emergency preparation practice at thirty facilities throughout the city earlier on Friday. The department personnel examined the delivery of emergency medications in the case of a biological onrush, like anthrax, or other public health emergency in the place. The bulk of the deliveries would happen at public school buildings.

Glasgow 2014 organizers experiencing unprecedented demand for tickets

The chiefs of Glasgow 2014 chiefs apologized for all the difficulties and delays as sports fans tried to snap up the newest release of tickets that include all seventeen sports as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. The organizers of the 2014 Commonwealth Games have reported that they are seeing unprecedented demand for tickets.

Aloft brand all set to make its debut in New York

Aloft brand of Starwood is all set to enter in Syracuse in New York. Aloft Syracuse Inner Harbor would be an important component of a huge waterfront redevelopment program along former Barge Canal. Designated to start in June 2016, the property would have hundred and thirty two spacious and loft like rooms.

New York and New Jersey declares state of emergency

New York and New Jersey governors have declared a state of emergency in the states. They have asked the residents to stay indoors earlier on Thursday as a huge snow storm bore down on the north east United States, canceling or delaying thousands of flights.

The very first snow storm this year brought high winds and bone chilling temperatures from lower Mississippi Valley to the coast of the Atlantic, with several parts of New England bracing for up to fourteen inches of snow by the morning of Friday.

Man from Atlanta man drives to Los Angeles from New York

A man named Ed Bolian has cracked the record of fastest drive to Los Angeles from New York. The 2800 miles tour generally takes around forty hours, but according to Ed Bolian, he did it in less than twenty nine hours.

With hundred miles per hour average speed and just forty six minutes spent stopped, Ed and his 2 team members finished the long trip in only 28 hours and 50 minutes; thus —breaking the earlier record for the same drive in the year 2006 completed in thirty one hours and four minutes.

New York meet for water summit

Water is a big condition to put out any fire, but what happens if the fire is in a rural place which does not have fire hydrants? This is the timer when fire departments should perform an organized ballet of tanker motortrucks drawing hundreds and thousands of gallons of water from nearby ponds and streams.

Onondaga County’s the Plainville Fire District will arrange over hundred and twenty firefighters as well as twenty five rescue equipment and engines for a seminar arranged by the GBW Associates of Maryland on taking huge amounts of water to the fire scenes.

Carnival rides and beach activity

Two of the best known waterfront in the New York neighbourhoods got a beating previous fall from the Superstorm Sandy: Coney Island, which is in Brooklyn as well as the Rockaways, which is in Queens. But people are now back on both these beaches and relishing local attractions - starting from rides to hot dogs at the Coney Island, to a funky taco stand or surfing.

Hilton New York is now known as New York Hilton Midtown

Hilton New York, which is the biggest hotel in the city, has now been renamed as New York Hilton Midtown. This move has been taken as an homage to the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the property as well as a way to better define the location of the property.

The hotel started its business in this place in June 1963 and it is situated on the 6th Avenue between the 53rd and the 54th streets. It has 1980 rooms that edge out the New York Marriott Marquis that has 1949 rooms. Still, New York Marriott Marquis is the largest hotel in New York.

New York adds touchscreen tour guides

Touch-screen kiosks named - On the Go! Travel Stations will very soon hit sixteen subway stations in New York. The high tech devices will offer street directions, step-by-step transit, information about escalator, elevator outages and service advisories. It will also provide information on nearby landmarks, local restaurants as well as neighborhood maps. The On the Go! Travel Stations will be introduced by the end of the year.